Photobooths and Mirror Booths2018-11-27T02:31:09+00:00

Why do I need a photobooth or mirror booth?

Photobooths, in many shapes and sizes, have become a staple at weddings. Why? They have a magnetic draw and ability to bring people together! Young and old alike let loose and enjoy!

Taking the photobooth or mirror booth one step further.

  • Consider using the booth as a guestbook experience whereby guests’ printed copies are stuck in a guestbook for them to sign.
  • Consider using the booth as a wedding favour option whereby printed copies are inserted into frames that guests can take home.

What are some tips for renting a photobooth or mirror booth?

  • Decide whether you want a traditional photobooth or a mirror booth! The beauty of the mirror booth is that guests can see what they look like!
  • Consider the timing. Get the most out of your rental by booking your booth during cocktail hour or towards the end of your meal.
  • Props or no props. Props add a dimension of fun, but at the same time can take away from the pictures or cause redundancy! Our suggestion… go lite on the props. Have a few to make people feel comfortable in front of the camera.
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