It isn’t easy finding bridal party dresses in Montreal, Laval and surrounding area. So we’re bringing them to you at The Wedding Centre

When should we start shopping for bridesmaid dresses?

  • 8-9 months before your wedding

 How long does it take to order a wedding dress?

  • 2-4 months, and then you’ll need to consider alterations

 Tips for choosing the right bridesmaids’ dresses:

         Begin by browsing styles that you, the bride, like.

         Keep cost in mind, since typically the bridesmaids pay their own dresses (unless, of course, you are offering it as a thank you gift).

         Shop alone (or with one friend) first to narrow your choices, then bring the rest of the bridal party for the final choice.

         Be conscientious of everyone’s body type and style. You may either (1) choose one bridesmaid dress style that suits everyone or (2) provide a material and/or color palette and have the bridesmaids choose their own bridesmaid dresses.

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