Should I get a wedding cake?

Yes! It’s tradition. What’s a wedding without a cake?

When should I order my wedding cake?

You should reserve your baker 4-6 months before your wedding date so that you have time for a tasting and do not overlook the finer details.

Do I need to spend a fortune on a wedding cake?

There are many options when it comes to wedding cake.

  • Splurge on something gorgeous and delicious. This day only happens once, and everyone deserves an over-the-top cake once in their lives.
  • Have a half-fake, half-real wedding cake! You can still get all of the 4-tier gorgeousness, but spend a little less.
  • At the minimum, get a small cake for traditions-sake and freeze it for your one year anniversary!

Did you know? You have two options when it comes to serving your wedding cake. You can either serve it instead of the wedding caterer’s dessert or you can serve it at your sweet table. Remember that if you’re serving it as dessert, you’ll need it for the full number of guests.

What are some tips for booking my wedding cake?

  • Have a wedding cake budget.
  • Have it compliment your wedding style and wedding theme.
  • Let your baker know if your cake is staying out as décor for the duration of the reception and what type of environment it will be left in (some ingredients will not be used to ensure the cake stays in its original state until it is time for pictures).
  • Don’t forget a cake topper.
  • Have a wedding cake delivery plan, which ideally does not include you or any member of your bridal party dropping it off.

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