When should I book my wedding florist?

9-10 months before your big day

What are some tips when booking my wedding florist?

  • Have a separate budget for bridal party flowers, wedding ceremony flowers, and wedding reception flowers.
  • Have an idea of what you like, but don’t become obsessed with replicating things exactly as you see (photos are taken in places with different seasons and are photoshopped!). Instead, work WITH your florist to take elements of your picture and make the arrangements your own.
  • Add colour!!
  • Don’t cut back on your bride bouquet, and make sure it is proportional to your wedding dress. It will be photographed hundreds of times, so you want to ensure you love it.
  • Simplify your bridesmaids’ bouquets so that yours stands out in group pictures.
  • Ask for a sample! Even if you need to pay for it, ask for a wedding centerpiece to be made so that you know exactly what you are getting and can edit if it isn’t what you envisioned. Once you walk into your wedding reception on the day of your wedding, it’s too late!
  • Have your wedding flowers do double duty. If you are buying flowers for your ceremony, have someone bring them to your reception later on!

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