When should I book my wedding invitations?

7-8 months before your wedding day…. Remember, there is no wedding without invites!

What are some tips when creating wedding invitations?

  • Electronic wedding invites may be a trend, but here’s a time when we say “go with paper”. Your guests will love to receive a paper invite in their mailbox, and your family will love to keep it as a memory! Also, it should be highlighted that invitations are your guests’ first impression of your wedding.
  • Have a wedding invitation budget. Your invitation designer will surely find a way to help you achieve your budget.
  • Have your wedding invitation match your wedding colour scheme or theme.
  • Choose an invitation size. Remember that non-standard sizes require more postage.
  • Remember you need one invitation per household, but order 25 extras just in case you need to invite more people to reach your minimum (you can even consider having a later RSVP date for your second round of invites).

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