Should I even bother with booking wedding day transportation?

Yes!! All of the other wedding details are great, but before any of it can happen, you need to arrive there, and on time! We don’t agree with driving yourself or having a member of your family drive you – you should enjoy the day to its fullest with minimal stress. We also do not agree with taking Ubers or cabbing it – you’ve spent so much time and money planning this day, are you really willing to trust a stranger to get you there? The cost of renting a wedding car or wedding limousine (which truly isn’t high) is really insignificant in comparison to the peace of mind it offers!

When should I book my wedding cars and limousines?

Depending on what weekend you are getting married or how particular you are with your car and limousine choice, you’ll want to book this 10 months in advance. Long weekends, prom season, Grand Prix weekend, festival weekends, etc are big weekends for limousine companies.

What are some tips for renting wedding limousines?

  • Consider giving your bridal party a ride. Again, less stress on everyone, as you’re sure everyone will arrive to the right location, at the right time. It’s also a great way of saying “thank you” to people who’ve participated in your wedding events over the course of the year, and who are by your side on the day of your wedding (whether in the blaring heat, rain, cold, etc).
  • Think about your wedding out-of-towners. Plan for a limo bus; it’ll help them navigate the unfamiliar city and arrive on time!
  • Book your reservation in person. See and sit in the cars. Does your wedding dress fit? Is there air conditioning?
  • Schedule extra time when planning your routes. Montreal is cone city!

Visit the Wedding Centre in Laval for your wedding transportation.