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When should I look for my suit or tux?

6 months before your wedding.

What are some tips for grooms’ attire?

  • Consider the options of renting or buying.
  • The suit or tuxedo should reflect the formality or informality of the wedding.
  • The suit or tuxedo should match the bride’s dress (ballgown dress doesn’t necessarily match a lightweight linen suit).
  • Be mindful of the fit! (1) Jacket sleeve should fall at wrist bone, with shirt cuff showing; (2) Bottom jacket hem should cover the bum and vent should remain closed; (3) Collar should lay flat around neck; (4) Pants should cover top one-third of shoe when sitting
  • The suit or tuxedo should match the groomsmen.
  • Groom’s accessories should different from groomsmen’s, whether with different boutonnieres, bowtie, necktie, cufflinks, socks, etc.
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